Kinderclavier Method - Book 1: Step 1

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Kinderclavier Music Books

KinderclavierTM features a set of piano/keyboard learning books that enable learning from a very young age.  

Using colour-coded letter stickers to be pasted on pianos (easily removable subsequently too!), young children can play familiar songs as soon as they recognise the Alphabet!  Makes a great confidence-booster and paves the start for a music-learning journey in later years.


In book 1: Book 1 is a good starter book consisting of simpler songs like 'Rain rain go away'.  Divided into easy-learning sections, its objectives are to:

  • Enable learner to familiarise and recognise notes on keyboard
  • Understand fingerings, bars and other music basics
  • Enable learner to play about 20 songs on the piano/keyboard!


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